Mon-June-27, 2022
8:15 at Iceland
#4-tremblays pub fdl
9:45 at Iceland
#3-nassau nordiques

Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

Spring 2022

We have scheduled through Monday, 7/4.

Tie Breaker Criteria

The tie breaking criteria to determine playoff seeds are:

  1. head-to-head
  2. divisional record (based on points/game)
  3. total wins
  4. record vs. playoff teams (based on points/game)

Playoff Results

NOTE: The Master Schedule is the official playoff schedule. If there is any schedule discrepancy with the Master Schedule and the schedule info provided below (on the home page), teams/players are to follow the Master Schedule.

3E League
Championship Game
3E3 - TBA - Bladerunners ve Executioners
3E2 - Threes are Wild - Executioners score 3 in 3 minutes in the 3rd, put down Wolverines 6-3
3E1 - Vlad is Glad - Kuzin's trick leads Bladerunners past Morkmen 8-2

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