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Playing Rules

Hockey Long Island is a no-check ice hockey league that adheres to the playing rules and regulations of USA Hockey (note: Hockey Long Island is not a member or affiliate of USA Hockey). The following rules and policies are specific to HLI and override any corresponding USA Hockey rules.

  1. Each league game consists of 3 periods, 15 minutes stop time played within the scheduled 1 1/2 hour ice slot.
  2. Every game is played to completion. No game is terminated in the event of a scoring mismatch (no mercy rule).
  3. If a game extends beyond the 1 1/2 hour time slot, it is solely the rink management's discretion to complete the game. If the rink doesn't authorize extra time, the score at the time play is stopped will stand as the final score.
  4. If a game ends in a tie, a five minute, sudden death stoptime overtime may be played (see Overtime).
  5. The Red Line is inactive for icings and offsides.
  6. Upon request, each team must submit a team roster to the scorekeeper or referee. Failure to submit a roster may result in a delay of game penalty.
  7. Teams/players are required to wear matching/similar jerseys w/ player numbers corresponding to the roster filed w/ HLI.
  8. All players must be insured through the current HLI insurance carrier.
  9. Only players who are rostered as of the season's roster freeze date are eligible to play in that season's playoffs. Players added after the roster freeze date can only play in any remaining regular season games in that season.
  10. Players may play on two teams but only within adjacent divisions (ie B-C, C-D, D-E).
  11. Players can not play on two teams in the same division.
  12. Any suspended player playing in an HLI game shall be suspended indefinitely. The suspended player's team and captain is subject to league disciplinary action which may include suspension and forfeiture (without refund) of team's remaining schedule.

Hockey Long Island reserves the right to suspend, remove or expel a player or team at any time for violating league rules.

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Player Responsibilities

Each Hockey Long Island player is:

  • responsible for his behavior while on rink property.
  • not to bring or consume alcohol on rink property
  • required to show photo identification upon request
  • required to be insured through HLI's carrier
  • responsible to pay all HLI fees as specified
  • required to wear protective equipment as specified by HLI and USA Hockey rules
  • required to have a matching/similar team jersey with a number that corresponds to the team's submitted roster
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Captain's Responsibilities

Each Team Captain is the official team representative and is responsible for all team activities while on rink property. His responsibilities:

  • team attends and start games on time
  • alcohol is not brought or consumed on rink property
  • suspended players serve their full suspension
  • cooperates with the referees, rink management, and the opposing team's captain to assist in maintaining player control and to ensure games are completed on time
  • all team players have current playing insurance through HLI's carrier
  • only rostered players skate in HLI league games
  • team schedule is promptly communicated/distributed
  • registration forms/documents are promptly completed/submitted
  • all fees/payments are promptly collected/submitted (payments include league fees, practice fees, insurance and other charges)
  • rosters are submitted (upon request) prior to the start of the game to the scorekeeper or referee
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Hockey Long Island imposes several penalties beyond USA Hockey specifications. The following penalties apply to all league games and override USA Hockey rules. All penalties are minimum and can be more severe.

     Infraction Penalty (minimum)
     1. High Sticking (NYSHA) Double Minor [2+2 minutes]
     2. Slashing Double Minor [2+2 minutes]
     3. Checking from behind 5 min major/game misconduct
     4. Cross checking Double Minor [2+2 minutes]
     5. Fighting 5 min major/game misconduct
     6. 3rd man in a fight Game misconduct
     7. Five penalties to a player Game ejection (no game misconduct/suspension)

Major Penalties

All major penalties are subject to immediate league suspension. The length of a player suspension is determined by:

     Offense Suspension
     1st major Game ejection + 1 game suspension
     2nd major Game ejection + 3 game suspension
     3rd major Game ejection + indefinite suspension pending HLI hearing

Match Penalties

HLI will immediately suspend any player receiving a match penalty. HLI determines the offending player's future playing status at a hearing to occur within thirty days of the infraction. Any player receiving a match penalty is immediately suspended from HLI play and can not play in any other Long Island adult hockey league until that player's status is determined otherwise.

Match Penalties include:

  • injuring or attempting to injure opponent
  • taped hand cutting an opponent in an altercation
  • racial/ethnic slur
  • injuring or attempting to injure Game/League Official
  • injuring or attempting to injure opponent (e.g. biting)
  • verbally abusing or threatening to harm Game/League Official
  • conduct detrimental to the game (e.g. spitting)
  • injuring or attempting to injure non-players
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Any player receiving a suspension has the right to appeal. A suspended player must submit his appeal in writing to the league office via fax or mail. A player appealing his suspension must continue to sit out games imposed in the suspension. A suspended player is not eligible to play pending the hearing of his appeal or the completion of the imposed suspension.

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A 5 minute STOP time sudden death overtime is played for all tied regular season HLI games, time permitting. Overtime is played 5-on-5. If a team loses a regular season game in overtime it receives one point for an overtime loss. If a regular season game ends in a tie after overtime is played, each team receives one point. During the playoffs, a sudden death overtime is played for as long as time permits. If a playoff overtime encounters a time constraint, a 5-man shootout will occur. If the teams remain tied after the 5-man shootout, the shootout proceeds one player at a time. A shootout participant can re-enter the shootout only when all other teammates have participated in the shootout.

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Roster Submission

Upon request, each team must produce a team roster to the scorekeeper. Each captain and any co-captain should keep copies of the team's roster (w/ names and player numbers) in their hockey bag. If a team can not produce a roster they must hand write a roster w/ player names and numbers prior to the game. The team may subsequently be assessed a game of delay penalty.

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Game Start/Forfeits

A team is required to start play when they have either 6 or more skaters or five skaters and a goalie. If a team can not meet these requirements at game time the start of the game is governed by:

     Tardiness Referee Action
     0-5 mins Game played normally
     5-10 mins Delay of game penalty and time-out forfeited
     10 mins or referee discretion Game forfeited and modified game played with referees

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Weather Cancellations

In case of bad weather (significant snow or natural disaster) the team captain shall call in the following order:

  1. League office @ (516) 625-8965
  2. Specific rink - ask if rink is open

The rink determines if we play our games. All games are played unless the team captain confirms otherwise with league office and ice rink.

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Roster Changes

A team may carry up to 20 players on its roster. A team may modify its roster as follows:

     Prior to freeze date Players added freely / players eligible for playoffs
     After freeze date Players eligible for regular season only

HLI will specify and notify all team captains of the roster freeze date for each season.

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Every HLI player must wear the following ice hockey equipment:

  • HECC approved helmet
  • half shield or full face mask
  • hockey pants
  • gloves
  • shin guards
  • elbow pads

All equipment must be made for ice hockey. Roller hockey equipment is not allowed. Any player wearing improper or altered equipment violates the terms of league's registration waiver, forfeits his insurance coverage, and risks game ejection.

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