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Fall 2016 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Fall 2016 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B7 - Hard Hat Jam - Glaciers grind GN-Bruins 5-1 for B League repeat
B6 - All Systems Floe - Glaciers glide past GN-Bruins 5-2
Dusting off their lunch pails and hard hats, the Glaciers went off-script and worked a hard fought 5-1 B League championship win over the GN-Bruins. This latest triumph is the Glaciers fourth Long Island Cup and backs up the B title they won last spring.

Unable to get their high-octane offense going, the Glaciers resorted to Plan B. They buckled down, worked the corners, mucked up the kitchen, and potted a pair of greasy goals three minutes apart late in the second to break a 1-1 tie. From there, B League MVP Bryan Clemens took the boys home. Clemens was impenetrable turning away 11 third period shots. He was especially stellar during a five minute penalty kill, two of which was 5-on-3. Throughout the playoffs, Clemens backboned the Glaciers run allowing 11 goals in five games.

Winner's Bracket
B4 - Waking the Echoes - GN-Bruins sniffing the prize, ward off Warriors 7-4
B2 - Defrosted - Warriors thaw Glaciers 3-0
B1 - Be Like Mike - Behind Schwartz triple GN-Bruins dim North Stars 6-2
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Warming Up - Glaciers ice Warriors 6-3
B3 - Freeze Out - Glaciers stifle North Stars 3-2
B0 - Fire Wagon Madness - GN-Bruins emerge from wacky third 10-7 over Redstone

C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C6 - Back in the Saddle - Tremblays Pub end winter drought, claim C title 6-2 over Snipes
Brushing aside an immediate hiccup, Tremblays Pub seized early control and staved off a battle tested Snipes squad 6-2 to reclaim the Fall C League championship. With the win, Tremblays denied Snipes a title three-peat and slaked a six year Fall league drought. This crown is the organization's seventh Long Island Cup.

Tremblays Pub played perhaps their most complete game in outplaying Snipes in both phases. After Snipes snuck a first minute goal, Tremblays quickly responded with a three goal burst. When the inevitable Snipes charge emerged, the Pub backline and tender stood sturdy and stout. Five different players scored in this game and nine scored in Tremblays three playoff matches. The playoff linchpin was C League MVP Scott Brennan. Throughout the playoffs, the lanky defenseman deftly patrolled the kitchen and slickly keyed the breakout. Brennan also impacted offensively. His overtime blast in the second Pub playoff game proved the pivotal goal in Tremblays title run.

Winner's Bracket
C4 - Gut Shot - Tremblays Pub ties in dying ticks, fells Woodstock 4-3 in OT
C2 - Go Time - Tremblays Pub edges Russian Dolls 4-3
C1 - Talk to the Hand - Pintinsky flashes the leather, Woodstock stymies Snipes 3-2
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Muscle Memory - Battle tested Snipes pick off Woodstock 4-3
C3 - Giveth then Taketh - Snipes squander 3 goal lead but rally late to rack Russian Dolls 6-5
B0 - Naturally - Aloise hattie spearheads Snipes past Bolts 5-2

D1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D5 - Legends of the Fall - Scorpions jam Beers 7-0 to snatch D1 title
D4 - Three for Two - Beers force winner-take-all, scratch by Scorpions 3-2
In a complete and dominant performance, the Scorpions overwhelmed the Beers 7-0 to reclaim the D1 championship. This latest title is the Scorpions third consecutive Fall League win and fourth in the last five years. The Scorpions now have nine Long Island Cups, all but two in a fall season.

From the drop the Scorpions proved the better squad, wasting no time in scoring in the match's first minute. The Scorps controlled both phases and systematically beat down the Beers. They scored numerous times in each period with the scoring spearheaded by a Greg Thompson hat trick. Assisting on each of Thompson's goals was D1 League MVP Dan McGrath. McGrath epitomized the Scorpions triumphiant two-way effort with contributions both down and uphill. McGrath scored in each of the previous Scorpions playoff games and his relentless backchecking was instrumental to the Scorpions yielding just five goals in four playoff games.

Winner's Bracket
D2 - Bottoms Up - Scorpions down Beers 6-2
D1 - Same Ole Song - Scorpions stump Scouts-Gray 3-0
Loser's Bracket
D3 - Fourth Time the Charm - Beers finally solve Scouts-Gray 4-1
D0 - Sneaking a Cookie - Scouts-Gray slink past Mayhem-D 4-3

D2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD5 - House Party - Fire & Ice bring it home, muzzle BK-Bulldogs 6-4 to win D2 crown
DD4 - Sparking Up - Fire & Ice singe BK-Bulldogs 5-3
Staving off a third period Bulldog rally, Fire and Ice rescue the D2 championship from a near collapse with a 6-4 win. The victory is Fire and Ice's first Long Island Cup after 12 seasons.

Bouyed by their previous tight elimination game win, Fire and Ice wasted no time getting started in this ultimate match. D2 League MVP Jason Gertler scored just 30 seconds in, setting the table for a seemingly comfortable 3-1 Fire & Ice lead heading into the third. Up to this point, Fire and Ice commanded game action limiting the Bulldogs to just 10 shots. Nothing pointed to the nail biting that ultimately ensued. The Bulldogs rallied scoring twice in three minutes to tie. Staring down a bad memory, Fire & Ice responded with two goals in two miuntes to re-establish control of the match. In the playoffs, Gertler potted seven goals. He scored in each playoff game including multi-goal efforts in the two previous elimination games.

Winner's Bracket
DD2 - Dogged - Behind two, BK-Bulldogs scrape past Fire & Ice 4-3
DD1 - Nicked Up - BK-Bulldogs chomp Stingers 7-5
Loser's Bracket
DD3 - Rapid Response - Fire & Ice soak Stingers 5-1
DD0 - Abuzzing - Stingers prickle Morkmen 5-2

E1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Taking it Back - 2G1P declaw Panthers 4-0 to reclaim E1 title
E6 - Heisman Maneuver - 2G1P stall Panthers 6-4
Winner's Bracket
E4 - Hanging On - Panthers withstand 2G1P late push 5-4
E2 - Cat Attack - Panthers pounce with 5 in the third, confound Blue Wave 8-3
E1 - O' Captain, My Captain - Alterman ties it late then wins it, 2G1P escapes Minutemen 3-2 in double OT
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Sudden Surge - 2G1P's third period deluge swamps Blue Wave 5-1
E3 - Dry Docked - Blue Wave beach Minutemen 6-1
E0 - Man Up - Down two, Minutemen power past Bruisers 6-2

E2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE5 - Jump Start - Ice Dogs grab early lead, hold off Misfits 6-4 for E2 title
EE4 - Hooping it Up - Misfits leash Ice Dogs 6-2
Winner's Bracket
EE2 - How 'Bout Them Kow-Boys - Ice Dogs stone PLT 6-2
EE1 - Rise and Fire - Ice Dogs outshoot Misfits 7-3
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - Tuna-Wiz - Misfits muddle PLT 5-1
EE0 - Point Forward - Ice Dogs stride past Yard Sale 4-0
3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D5 - Blades of Sunshine - Bladerunners stifle Crokers 3-2 to nab 3D title
3D4 - Get Shorty - Bladerunners quell Crokers 4-1, force winner-take-all
Fending off a furious Crokers push, the Bladerunners hang on for a 3-2 nail biting 3D League championship win. The Bladerunners now have won nine Long Island Cup titles with the last three in the last three seasons.

After the teams traded early goals, the Bladerunners, behind three Jason Lagnese goals, patiently built a 3-1 heading into the third period. Up to this point, they had stifled the Croker offense and seemingly had the game in handcuffs. The Crokers, however, would not go quietly. Rediscovering their offense, the Crokers tilted the ice with most of the third period action played in the Bladeunners end. Unfortunately, also in the Bladerunners end was 3D League MVP Terry Alyward. Remaining calm and composed in the frenetic barrage, Alyward denied the Crokers equalizer turning away 17 shots several of which were of the headshaking, huh ilk. Alyward allowed just 3 goals in the critical two finals games while making 55 saves.

Winner's Bracket
3D2 - Seeing Red - Crokers thwart Bladerunners 3-2
3D1 - Stemming the Tide - Bladerunners foil Oilers 3-1
Loser's Bracket
3D3 - Terry Fried - Bladerunners baffle Oilers 6-3
3D0 - Let it Flow - Oilers drill Bucs 4-1

3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E6 - Spirits Alive - Banshees bedevil Rats to capture 3E title 6-2
Spotting an early two goal deficit, the Banshees woke up late in the first and never looked back en route to a 6-2 3E League champinship win. The Banshees ended a nine year title drought with the organization's fourth Long Island Cup.

Lackluster from the start, the Banshees drifted into a 2-0 hole late in the first. Needing a spark, 3E League MVP Joe Devito almost singlehandedly flipped the game spearheading a three minute three goal burst. First, Devito hit a streaking Paul Funari to set the table. Second, Devito then served up the tying goal with an unassisted effort thirty seconds later, Third, one minute into the second, Devito found Mike Pinto deep in the kitchen to close out the rally. The Banshees, having now seized control, tacked on and cruised to their championship win. In the playoffs, Devito led the Banshees offense with at least a goal and a helper in each playoff game.

Winner's Bracket
3E4 - Marching On - Banshees clip Rats 5-0
3E2 - Rapid Response - Down two Rats score 6 unanswered, thwack Team-X 6-2
3E1 - Shorty Scuffle - Banshees wiggle by Wolverines 4-1
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - In the Kisser - Rats whomp Wolverines 5-2
3E3 - Hitting the Spot - Wolverines take out Team X 3-0
3E0 - Pfeff Rally - With 3 unanswered in the third, Wolverines surge past High Voltage 5-3