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Spring 2016 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Spring 2016 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B6 - Back in the Saddle - Glaciers reclaim B crown, double up GN-Bruins 8-4
Jumping out to an early 3 goal lead, the Glaciers never looked back in knocking off the GN-Bruins 8-4 for the B League championship. With the win, the Glaciers reclaimed the B League throne and won the organization's third Long Island Cup.

The Glaciers scored three times in the first seven minutes to build an insurmoutable league. The Bruins briefly closed to 4-3 five minutes into the second but two quick answer goals by B League MVP Jack Radin essentially settled the match. Radin littered the scoresheet in this game with 4 goals and 2 assists. In the playoffs, Radin led the Glaciers in scoring with 12 goals.

Winner's Bracket
B4 - JR on the Rocks - Radin pots five as Glaciers glide by GN-Bruins 8-3
B2 - Hats Off! - Bruins two tricks shoot down North Stars 9-3
B1 - Ice Berged - Glaciers chill Lightning 10-2
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Spurtability - Four goals in 3 minutes surge GN-Bruins past Lightning 5-4
B3 - Wild Night - Lightning sneak past North Stars 7-6 in OT
B0 - On the Rocks - Glaciers ice Klash-B 5-2
C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C5 - Gut Check - Snipes score three unanswered to snatch C title from Bolts 5-4
C4 - Back on Ice - Bolts chill Snipes 3-2 in OT
Digging deep for the requisite mettle, Snipes rallied to rebuff the Bolts 5-4 for the C League championship. Snipes defended their Fall '15 C title and added a fourth Long Island Cup to their mantle.

Snipes started strong and nabbed a quick 2-0 lead. They could not, however, extend this lead. The Bolts steadily pressured the offensive zone and flipped the score to lead 4-2 late second. The game pivoted again with just seven seconds left in the second. Off a seemingly harmless faceoff, Snipes stole a goal to jolt the Bolts. Energized, Snipes needed only 20 more seconds to tie and 6 minutes later to regain the lead. In the final eight minutes, the Bolts swarmed the zone to only be repeatedly denied by the stout play of C League MVP Anthony Dellatto. The resolute Dellatto made several spectacular stops, some while prone and compromised. In three playoff games, Dellato made 96 saves.

Winner's Bracket
C2 - Rally Hard Hats - Snipes grind 5-4 comeback win over Tremblays
C1 - Late Wake-Up Call - Tremblays overcome four goal hole to roar past Bolts 9-7
Loser's Bracket
C3 - Vice Grip - Bolts control from the drop, top Tremblays 7-3
C0 - Frankie Two Times - Peretti scores late to tie, early to win as Bolts escape Russian Dolls 5-4 in OT
D1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D4 - Cold Cases - Beers pound NWO 11-4 to capture D1 title
In a near flawless all-around display, Beers dominated in all phases to convincingly defeat NWO 11-4 to capture the D1 championship. This title win is the organization's first D1 title and fourth Long Island Cup overall.

Playing with focus, purpose, and precision, Beers were unrelenting on offense and formidable on defense. They started strong and led 2-0 after the first, 5-0 after the second. Leading this virtuoso effort was D1 League MVP Alan Nafte. Emblematic of the overall team performance, Nafte was swift, forceful, and potent. Nafte kickedstarted the Beers attack with two early goals and later added a third.

Winner's Bracket
D2 - Going Dutch - Beers divvy up the scoring, better NWO 5-2
D1 - Body Slam - NWO suplexes Scouts-Gray 8-4
Loser's Bracket
D3 - Too Much - NWO wears out Scouts-Gray 8-5
D2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD4 - Twice is Nice - Stingers persistance saps Scouts-RWB 5-3 to defend D2 crown
Shaking off a sluggish start, the Stingers relentless pressure stressed and cracked the Scouts-RWB 5-3 to win the D2 championship. With the win, the Stingers defended their Fall '15 D2 title and lifted the Long Island Cup for the second time.

The Stingers found themselves in the familiar position of trailing early as they failed to convert several offensive chances. But, true to form, they were resilient defensively, kept the Scouts close, and ultimately found their way. The offensive catalyst in this match (and the playoffs) was D2 League MVP Joe Rizzo. Late in the second period, Rizzo scored both the tying and going ahead goals in typical Stingers fashion - battling and refusing to abandon a play. The Stingers would never trail again. In the playoffs, Rizzo had a hand in half of the Stingers scores.

Winner's Bracket
DD2 - Bug Collar - Stingers prick BK-Bulldogs 6-3
DD1 - Off the Couch - BK-Bulldogs trample Scouts-RWB 9-5
Loser's Bracket
DD3 - Magnificent Seven - Scouts-RWB scrap by BK-Bulldogs 5-4
DD0 - Puppy Chow - BK-Bulldogs chew up Redrum 7-2
E1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Dropping the Load - Dump-n-Chase erupts in the third, flushes Panthers 11-4 for E1 title
E6 - Gone in 60 Seconds - With 3 quick goals late second, Dump-n-Chase flip Panthers 9-6
Snapping a 4-4 tie late in the second, Dump-n-Chase scored seven unanswered to put away the Panthers 11-4 for the E1 championship. With this championship, Dump-n-Chase raised the Long Island Cup in their first try.

Despite working several two goals leads, Dump could not break away from the Panthers until late in the second. Just 15 seconds after the Panthers tied it at 4-4 with 2:32 left in the second, Dump answered back. This decisive goal sparked a seven goal deluge that finally tamed the scrappy Panthers. Leading the charge throughout the playoffs was E1 League MVP Mickey Wallace. In this winner-take-all match, Wallace had a hand in seven of the eleven Dump goals. Overall, he netted a remarkable 19 goals in 6 playoff games.

Winner's Bracket
E4 - Daddy Does Best - DiVittorio's triple spearheads Panthers past Dump-n-Chase 7-6 in OT
E2 - Howdy Duty - Dump-n-Chase pinches Bruisers 12-7
E1 - Low Tide - Panthers hold back Blue Wave 8-2
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Dodge Ball - Dump-n-Chase eludes Bruisers 5-4 in final minute
E3 - 51 is Just Enough - Bruisers dike Blue Wave 2-1
Ew2 - Four-Ply - Dump-n-Chase wipes Minutemen 4-1 w/four in the 3rd
Ew1 - Surf's Up - Blue Wave wash away 2G1P 4-2
E2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE6 - The Defense Bests - Ice-Dogs shut down Misifits 2-0 to capture E2 title
Behind a stifling defense, the Ice Dogs controlled much of the match and scored just enough to deny the Misfits a repeat E2 championship. This title win is the Ice Dogs second Long Island CUp and first in three years.

The Ice Dogs notched the only needed goal late in the first period with a Scott Hamilton tally. Their exceptional defense made it stand. Fronted by E2 League MVP John Klein, the Ice Dogs defense smothered the Misfits attack. Klein, the Dogs' resident Minister of Defense, patrolled the kitchen with muscle and savvy. He led his defensive mates in an outstanding performance of blocking shots, clearing rebounds, and limiting scoring chances. In the playoffs, the Ice Dogs allowed just four goals in three games.

Winner's Bracket
EE4 - Dan Almighty - Kowalsky's triple mushes Ice-Dogs past Misfits 4-3
EE2 - Hanging On - Misfits hold off Black Stars 3-2
EE1 - Sharing the Load - Five scorers impel Ice-Dogs past Yard Sale 5-1
Loser's Bracket
EE5 - Captain, My Captain - Misfits close out Yard Sale 5-4 in OT
EE3 - After Midnight - Yard Sale closes out Black Stars 5-2
EEw2 - Hank the Tank - Jenet's OT blast powers Black Stars past Wolverines 2-1
EEw1 - Yes Indeed! We're Wolken - Yard Sale trap Rats 5-4 in OT
3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D4 - Rally in the Finale - Wasps come back to dispatch Fire & Ice 9-6 for 3D title
Winner's Bracket
3D2 - Blitzkrieg - Wasps swarm Scorpions 9-0
3D1 - Dill-icious - Wasps grind 4-3 win over Fire & Ice
Loser's Bracket
3D3 - Kay-Whoa - Fire & Ice stun Scorpions 5-4 in OT
3D0 - Picci Keen - Fire & Ice pick off Mayhem-D 5-4 in OT
3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E7 - Still the One - Bladerunners defend 3E title, drop Bucs 6-4
3E6 - Joey Pucks - Cantalupo rouses Bladerunners past Bucs 8-3
Winner's Bracket
3E4 - K Squad - Kannergeiser does the trick as Bucs edge Moose late 5-3
3E2 - Bruce Almighty - Kowalsky's quad lead Bucs past High Voltage 5-2
3E1 - Shaking Loose - Moose distress Bladerunners 5-3 w/three late goals
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - Together Again - Lagnese triple leads Bladerunners past Moose 4-1
3E3 - Unplugged - Bladerunners shortcircuit High Voltage 6-5
3E0 - Bull Rush - Moose grease Oilers 6-0