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Fall 2015 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Fall 2015 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B6 - At Last! - Lightning finally slays the dragons, crack Glaciers 6-3 to stake B title
Burying eight years of near-misses, almosts, and could-have-beens, the Lightning empathically buried the demons with a rousing 5 goal third period to trump the Glaciers 6-3 and finally win the B League championship. By bouncing the Glaciers, the Lightning defeated each B league playoff team once without dropping a game. This win is the organization's first Long Island Cup after 14 fruitless seasons.

As was their MO this postseason, the Lightning came from behind to win. In this game, they trailed 2-1 heading into the third after surrendering a late second period goal. In previous postseasons, such a deflating goal would trigger the tormenting parade of goblins and voices. This year, however, proved no more. Scoring the tying and momentum turning goal wasB League MVP Jeff Olsen. Olsen, who notched arguably the playoff saving goal when he scored late to tie the Bruins, finished a nifty setup from Steve Ferguson. Olsen's goal triggered a veritable onslaught as the Lighting scored four more times including two from Ferguson in a liberating championship push. In the playoffs, Olsen netted three and helped on four others with each goal or assist coming on either a tying or go-ahead score.

Winner's Bracket
B4 - Eye on the Prize - Lightning emerge 4-3 from Klash-B dogfight
B2 - Wake the Echos - Klash-B score four unanswered, prickle Glaciers 4-3
B1 - Bolted - Lightning score late and early in OT to snare GN-Bruins 6-5
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Halfway - Glaciers ice Klash-B 5-3
B3 - Floed Over - Glaciers dispatch GN-Bruins 5-2 behind Radin's three
B0 - Storm Cloud - Lightning edges Redstone 5-3

C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C5 - Back in the Saddle - Snipes buck Tremblays 4-0. reascend to top of C division
C4 - Reversal of Fortune - Snipes score thrice in last 2 minutes to spurn Tremblays 6-4
Riding the wave from their preceding stirring comeback win, Snipes put forth their most complete effort to stymie Tremblays Pub 4-0 for the C League championship. This win capped Snipes rise from the losers bracket to win their third Long Island Cup and first since the Fall 2012 season.

In the previous championship game, Snipes scored three times in the last two minutes to stun Tremblays. In this subsequent game, Snipes seized control similarly. In a decisive three minute stretch, early in the second period three different players scored to establish the determining victorious lead. From that point, Snipes relied on the formidable play of C League MVP Anthony Dellatto. Dellatto turned away 27 shots in the final two periods as Tremblays futilely stormed the offensive end. No shot worked past Dellatto who flashed several highlight stops in frustrating the Tremblays shooters. In the final five periods of championship action, Dellatto allowed just two goals facing 47 shots.

Winner's Bracket
C2 - Too Much - Tremblays Pub wear down Snipes 5-3
C1 - To the Nub - Snipes eke out 4-3 OT win over Woodstock
Loser's Bracket
C3 - Hroch then Roll - Snipes rally past Woodstock 5-3
C0 - Spring Cleaning - Woodstock rakes Russian Dolls 5-2

D1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D6 - Put on Ice - Bolts claim D1 crown, finish Hitmen 4-1
In a nip-n-tuck title affair, the Bolts fended off a determined Hitmen squad 4-1 to capture the D1 championship. This title is the Bolts first D1 championship and third overall Long Island Cup.

The Bolts earned this win the playoff way. Their high octane offense, which scored 18 times the previous two games, was stymied throughout by the resolute Hitman defense and goaltending. The Bolts scratched two early second period goals two minutes apart for the decisive lead. Nonetheless, the game was a tug-of-war struggle. The Hitmen narrowed to 2-1 late in the second and came hard in the third. They could not, however, muster the equalizer. Backboning the Bolts tonight and throughout the playofs was D1 MVP Dom McNulty. The crafty Bolts tender turned away 19 shots in the last two periods to preserve the winning Bolts advantage. Overall, he allowed just three goals in the Bolts last eight playoff periods.

Winner's Bracket
D4 - Bulletproof - Bolts deflect Hitmen 5-1
D2 - Onslaught - Bolts blow out Scouts-Gray 13-4
D1 - Hitting the Mark - Hitmen tie it in last minute, pick off Beers 2-1 in shootout
Loser's Bracket
D5 - Cement Shoes - Hitmen sink Beers 5-3
D3 - Down the Hatch - Beers swig Scouts-Gray 7-2
D0 - In the Nick of Time - Triboro Hitmen rally late to take out NWO 2-1

D2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD7 - Not Tonight - Stingers persevere to trump Scouts 3-2 in OT for D2 Crown
DD6 - Push Back - Behind 3rd period rally, Stingers force winner-take-all 3-1
Winner's Bracket
DD4 - Slipper Shopping - Scouts carpet ride continues, stagger Stingers 4-3 in OT
DD2 - Walking the Dog - Stingers leash BK-Bulldogs 4-0
DD1 - Salvo - Scouts blitz Blazers with five in the 3rd, pull away 7-2
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Sleepy Time - Stingers put down BK-Bulldogs 4-1
DD3 - Doggedness - BK-Bulldogs persist in 7-5 Blazer battle
DD0 - There Goes Johnny - Scouts score three late to tie, ice over Redrum 7-6 in OT

E1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Bellissimo! - 2G1P outdoes the Bruisers 5-3 in E1 title classic
E6 - Be Like Mike - Pinto's triple sees 2G1P double up Bruisers 4-2 to force E1 rubber match
Winner's Bracket
E4 - Rumble and One Away - Bruisers bop 2G1P 5-4
E2 - Good Vibrations - Bruisers double up Panthers 6-3
E1 - Stemming the Tide - 2G1P fend off Blue Wave 5-1
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Bon Voyage - 2G1P strand Blue Wave 5-1
E3 - All Wet - Blue Wave swamp Panthers 8-4
E0 - Washed Away - Blue Wave temper Rage 5-2

E2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE6 - Can-Gro All the Way - Misfits hoist E2 crown with 7-2 Banshee conquest
Steamrolling through the bracket, the Misfits grabbed the E2 championship with 7-2 no doubter over the Banshees. This E2 title is the Misfits first Long Island Cup in just their second season.

Similar to their other two playoff wins, the Misfits jumped to a notable first period lead that never was threatened. In this title match, the Bruisers controlled play from the start with 3-0 end-of-first and 5-1 end-of-second leads. Starting the early offense, as he did in the previous game, was E2 MVP Joe Cangro. In both games, Cangro scored twice in the first period and then later potted insurance tallies. In total, Cangro scored 9 playoffs goals as the Misfits outscored their opponents 22-7 in their playoff run.

Winner's Bracket
EE4 - Mighty Joe - Misfits deep-six Banshees 9-3
EE2 - Special K - Ketterer's trick leads Misfits past Wolverines 6-2
EE1 - By a Hair - Banshees score at one tick, sneak past Yard Sale 5-4
Loser's Bracket
EE5 - By a Thread - More late heroics propel Banshees past Wolverines 4-3 in OT
EE3 - Felled - Wolverines rebuff Yard Sale late charge 6-3
EE0 - Bad Trip - Yard Sale down PLT 4-1

3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D6 - Wash, Rinse, Repeat - Scorpions scour Crokers 6-1 to defend Fall 3D championship
In a command performance, the Scorpions controlled this title match from the drop and again rule the 3D division after dispatching the Crokers 6-1. With the win, the Scorpions repeated their last fall 3D championship. They have now won the Fall 3D division three out of the last four years and the LI Cup for the eighth time.

This match started slow but eventually worked to a familiar script. The Scorpions scored late first and early second to take a lead that proved insurmountable. A Croker threat sparked early in third when they closed to 3-1. This spark, however, proved fleeting. Less than a minute later, 3D MVP Anthony Engellis restored the three goal lead. Engellis spreaheaded the Scorpions attack during this playoff run with stellar play on both ends. Typically a checking center, he led the Scorps offense with five playoff goals.

Winner's Bracket
3D4 - Bug Out - Scorpions pester Euro Stars 6-3
3D2 - Pushing Back - Scorpions prod Crokers 6-1
3D1 - Danny Six Times - Euro Stars deluge Hosers 9-3
Loser's Bracket
3D5 - Sudden Impact - With four in three in the 3rd, Crokers flip-flop Euro Stars 4-2
3D3 - Getting Back to It - Crokers flush Hosers 5-2
3D0 - False Alarm - Hosers douse Fire and Ice 4-1

3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E7 - Danny Boy - Bladerunners reign again, muscle past Moose 3-1 for 3E title
3E6 - Pop Goes the Weizel - Moose charge past Bladerunners 5-3
In a tense defensive struggle, the Bladerunners came from behind to win the 3E championship 3-1 over a determined Moose squad. With this title win, the Bladerunners notch their eighth Long Island Cup and third Fall champioship in the last four fall seasons.

Entering the second period the Bladerunners trailed 1-0. In this winner-take-all, the Moose continued their sturdy play from the previous game limiting the Bladerunners to four shots while staking a 1-0 lead. Shortly into the second period, however, the Bladerunners tied it when 3E MVP Dan Cioni buried a George Woods feed. With scoring chances at a premium, the game stalemated into third before Cioni potted the gamewinner off another Woods crossice feed. During the Blades playoff run, Cioni led the Bladerunner offense with five goals.

Winner's Bracket
3E4 - Crude Awakening - Bladerunners drub Oilers 8-3
3E2 - Not Standing Pat - Oilers shake Moose 4-3 in OT
3E1 - Jay-Stalking - Lagnese trick leads Bladerunners past Bucs 5-3
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - Charge - Moose score four unanswered, tap Oilers 4-3
3E3 - Fortune Cookies - Moose capitalize on goalmouth serendipity, bounce Bucs 5-2
3E0 - Natural One - Gayron scores 3 in four early third, Bucs shortcircuit High Volatge 5-1