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Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

Summer 2014

We have scheduled through Saturday, August 2. During the first two weeks, we will assess the divisions and make any changes. We will then expand the schedule accordingly. We request teams identify any bad dates and forward them to us immediately. Please note that it is difficult to change the schedule once published, and that we may not be able to accommodate some post schedule requests.

Spring 2014

Playoff Results

NOTE: The Master Schedule is the official playoff schedule. If there is any schedule discrepancy with the Master Schedule and the schedule info provided below (on the home page), teams/players are to follow the Master Schedule.

Long Island Cup Spring 2014 Championship Games

  • B League - #3-Nutty Irishmen 10, #1-Klash-B 8 | MVP: Mike Leprine [recap]
  • C League - #2-Flyers 6, #1-Snipes 4 (game 2) | MVP: Justin Sparacio [recap]
  • D1 League - #1-Morkmen 3, #2-LI-Bombers 2 (game 2) | MVP: Eric Krupka [recap]
  • D2 League - #1-GNFD 3, #3-MFD 2 in OT | MVP: James Georgas [recap]
  • E1 League - #3-2G1P 6, #1-Panthers 2 (game 2) | MVP: Brandon Foster [recap]
  • E2 League - #1-PLT 3, #3-Ice Dogs 2 | MVP: Kevin Mohr [recap]
  • 3C League - #3-Effin Gruven 8, #1-Fire and Ice 3 (game 2) | MVP: John Carroll [recap]
  • 3D League - #1-Klash-D 2, #5-Scorpions 1 | MVP: Keith Strassberg [recap]
  • 3E League - #1-Bucs 5, #2-Rats 2 (game 2) | MVP: Bruce Kowalsky [recap]

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B6 - Erin Go Rah! - Nutty Irishmen dethrone Klash-B, take B title in 10-8 slugfest
Clinging by their fingernails, the Nutty Irishmen held on to topple the defending B champs Klash-B 10-8 in a wide open shootout. With the title win, the Nutty Irishmen win the Long Island Cup in their first Hockey Long Island season.

After a pedestrian 1-0 start, the Nutty Irishmen seized control late in the first with five goals in the last five minutes. They continued to tack on in the second and held an 8-3 lead middle of the period. The match appeared settled but, per their championship pedigree, the Klash mounted a comeback charge. Three unanswered goals closed to the gap to 8-6 and, when Chris Genova scored with 6 minutes remaining, the Irish lead shrank to one, 9-8. Cue B League MVP Mike Leprine. Just seven seconds after the Klash scored to close within one, Leprine launched a mid-ice heat seeker that somehow found the back of the net. Stunned, the Klash had no response and the Irishmen skated to their first championship. Leprine, the Irishmen's alpha defenseman, scored in each of the four Irishmen playoff wins.

Winner's Bracket
B4 - Uppercut - Nutty Irishmen knock back Klash-B 7-6
B2 - New Kids on the Block - Nutty Irishmen thump GN-Bruins 9-4
B1 - Same Old Song - Klash-B frustrate Lightning 5-3
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Still Standing - Klash-B absorb early two goal deficit, resolve to bop GN-Bruins 4-2
B3 - Back in the Saddle - GN-Bruins stymie Lightning 5-3
Bw2 - Young Guns - Nutty Irishmen edge North Stars 6-5
Bw1 - Lunch Pail - Lightning grinds out 3-1 win over OPA

C League
Championship Game
C5 - Fly Away - Flyers defend C crown, pick off Snipes 6-4
C4 - Cardiac Kids - Snipes again go extra time, deny Flyers 5-4
Winner's Bracket
C2 - Rally Caps - Down two, Flyers score final three to snip Snipes 4-3 in OT
C1 - Take Off - with six unaswered, Flyers soar past Tremblays 8-2
Loser's Bracket
C3 - Fast and Furious - Down four in the third, Snipes stage frantic rally to top Tremblays 8-7 in OT
C0 - Chopped - Tremblays Pub axe Woodstock 7-2

D1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D5 - Saved at the Bell - Late goal rescues D1 title, Morkmen stave off LI-Bombers 3-2
D4 - Kick Back - Morkmen repay LI-Bombers 3-2
Again playing it down to the nub, the Morkmen capitalized on a late power play to eke past a charging Bombers squad 3-2 and grab the D1 championship. This latest title is the organization's first D1 crown and doubles up their fall D2 championship. The club now has four LI cups.

In this championship game, as in the previous one, the Morkmen worked an early 2-0 margin. Controlling much of the play, they consistently generated choice scoring opportunities. They did not, however, cash in and, predictably, the hibernating Bombers offense stirred in the third. With the ice tilted heavily towards the Morkmen's end, the Bombers gritted their way to tie with four minutes to go. Uncle Mo had clearly shifted and a Bomber gamewinner seemed inevitable.

Reeling, the Morkmen needed a break and the hockey gods obliged. Taking advantage of a fortuitous tripping penalty, Brian Rohe scored the championship winner during a frenetic goalmouth scrum that one expects with a title in the balance. The Morkmen won another whiteknuckler backboned by defense and goaltending. Anchoring their solid back line was D1 MVP Eric Krupka. Whether disrupting play in the neutral zone or backend, retrieving the puck and efficiently clearing the zone, or, when needed, carrying the puck and holding the offensive blueline, Krupka often commanded his shifts and dictated play.

Winner's Bracket
D2 - A-Bomb - Azevedo's trick leads LI-Bombers past Morkmen 6-4
D1 - Bombs Away - LI-Bombers explode NWO 9-2
Loser's Bracket
D3 - Late Bingo - Morkmen score two in last three to advance past NWO 4-2
D0 - No-Way-O - NWO rallies past Scouts 3-2

D2 League
Championship Game
DD6 - G Force - GNFD snatches D2 title from MFD with 3-2 OT comeback
Winner's Bracket
DD4 - Water Works - GNFD souse MFD 7-0
DD2 - Sam I Am - MFD nick Bruisers 6-5 on OT blast
DD1 - All Wet - GNFD dampen Stingers 5-2
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Saved at the Bell - MFD score at buzzer, rebut Bruisers 7-6 in OT barnburner
DD3 - Knuckle Sandwich - Bruisers take down Stingers 5-1
DD0 - Where's Johnny? - Stingers freeze Redrum 7-2

E1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Games
E7 - Clutchdown - 2G1P nabs E1 title 6-2 from Panthers with dominant third
E6 - ThisClose - 2G1P toes the line, rebukes Panthers 3-2 in OT
Breaking open the match with a four goal third, 2G1P denied the Panthers 6-2 to snatch the E1 crown by winning the requisite two games coming from the losers bracket. This championship is 2G1P's first E1 title and second Long Island Cup.

In both championship games, 2G1P etablished 2-0 first period leads. Unlike the previous champ game, 2G1P did not fully squander this two goal lead. After the Panthers closed to 2-1, Joe Finneran and Matt Coon scored 27 seconds apart middle third to open an insurmountable lead. Securing the championship was netminder E1 MVP Brandon Foster. In the third, Foster made several highlight saves as he maintained both focus and composure amidst the frantic Panther last gasp. Throughout the playoffs, Foster allowed just seven goals in five games and registered a 94% save percentage.

Winner's Bracket
E4 - Cat Nap - Panthers breeze past High Voltage 4-2
E2 - Jolted - High Voltage zap 2G1P 2-1 in OT
E1 - Holding Serve - Panthers ward off Road Warriors 5-4
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Black Out - 2G1P blanks High Voltage 3-0
E3 - Road Kill - 2G1P manhandle Road Warriors 6-1
E0 - Trucked - Road Warriors steamroll Bolts 9-0

E2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE4 - Over the Rainbow - PLT happy again, fend off Ice Dogs 3-2 to claim E2 titles
Spotting a one goal first period deficit, PLT scored thrice in the second and held off a spirited Ice Dogs attempt to win the E2 championship 3-2. With the victory, PLT notched their first LI Cup in three and a half years and seventh overall.

After yielding a late first period goal, PLT spurted for three second period goals. Igniting the offensive outburst was E2 League MVP Kevin Mohr. Mohr, who scored the previous gamewinner, broke in free and double deked to squeeze the puck off the left post and in. A minute later, Steve Fonovich put PLT ahead for good and Joe Capobianco potted the gamewinner later in the period. The Ice Dogs valiantly pressured PLT in the third. They closed within one middle of the third, but could not muster the equalizer despite several prime chances.

Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Mohr Better - PLT slips past Tribe 4-3
EE1 - No Bone for You - Tribe collar Ice-Dogs 4-2
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - The Gift of Gab - Schecter's pair leads Ice Dogs past Tribe 4-2

3C League
Championship Game
3C5 - Johnny Be Real Good - Effin Gruven flushes Fire and Ice 8-3 for 3C title repeat
3C4 - Still Standing - Effin Gruven flusters Fire and Ice 7-3
Winner's Bracket
3C2 - Deluge - Fire and Ice douses Effin Gruven 6-1 behind a five goal third
3C1 - Groovin', On a Sunday ... - Effin Gruven saunters past Klash-30 7-3
Loser's Bracket
3C3 - Jump Street - Effin Gruven dismisses Klash-30 7-4
3C0 - Wrap Up - Effin Gruven adjourns Court Officers 6-2

3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D6 - Special K - Klash-D grind out 2-1 3D championship win over resolute Scorpions
In a taut up-and-down affair, Klash-D came from behind to finally subdue a scrappy Scorpion squad 2-1 and claim the tightly contested 3D championship. With this title, Klash-D garnered their third Long Island Cup, all in the 3D division.

To earn the championship, the Klash had to derail a surging Scorpions freight that initially scrambled to get into the playoffs but then steamrolled a couple of higher seeded teams. The Scorpions continued their playoff momentum in this match and took a 1-0 lead middle of the second. The Klash, however, proved stout and generated constant offensive pressure that finally penetrated the goal line late in the second on a Gary Lanza redirect off a determined Anthony Fiamma feed. The Klash continued their push in the third and, off similar dogged pressure, Chris Shaleeski put back a kitchen rebound for what proved the title winner.

The Klash still needed to finish and with 10 minutes to go the Scorpions brought the effort that saw them navigate 6 playoff games in 14 days. Again the Klash were staunch. Led by defenseman 3D MVP Keith Strassberg the Klash defense was steadfast and equal to the Scorpions fight. Throughout the playoffs, Strassberg carried the mail. He put forth tireless, lunch pail shifts that saw him provide whatever needed. His effort and physicality often disrupted the other side and, most importantly, kept pucks out of the net. In all, the Klash defense yielded just 6 goals in the playoffs.

Winner's Bracket
3D4 - Storming Back - Klash-D rally in the third to rebuff Bansheees 5-4
3D2 - Joey Pucks - O'Shea scores 5 as Banshees rush by Crokers 8-5 with 5 goals in the third
3D1 - Tastes like Chicken - Klash-D skewer Scorpions 7-1
Loser's Bracket
3D5 - March of the Bugs - Scorpions swarm Banshees 7-1
3D3 - Back to Life - Scorpions croak Crokers 7-1
3D0 - Clipped - Scorpions prick LI-Wings 5-2

3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E5 - Spring's the Thing - Bucs pull away from Rats 5-2 to repeat as 3E champs
3E4 - Where there's a Willis, there's a Way - Rats double up Bucs 4-2 to force winner-take-all
Winner's Bracket
3E2 - Phew! - Bucs survive Wolverines 4-3 in OT
3E1 - Roll Call - Six different Wolverines score in 6-3 win over Rats
Loser's Bracket
3E3 - Pay Back - Rats tame Wolverines 3-1
3E0 - Get Shorty - Down a man, Wolverines score in last minute to sneak past Whalers 3-2

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