Mon-Nov-30, 2020
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Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

Pre-Game Protocol

We remind all players to refrain from entering the ice prior to the Zamboni completely refinishing the ice and leaving the ice surface. Skating on the ice before the Zamboni has finished exposes players to injury and creates an insurance risk.

Spring 2020

The Spring 2020 season starts in March. HLI Fall teams intending to return for the spring season need only to notify the league office (via email or phone). New prospects (teams and/or individuals) - [Click here] for additional information or [Click here] to register.

Fall 2019

We have scheduled through Monday, 3/23.

Playoff Results

NOTE: The Master Schedule is the official playoff schedule. If there is any schedule discrepancy with the Master Schedule and the schedule info provided below (on the home page), teams/players are to follow the Master Schedule.

Long Island Cup Fall 2019 Championship Games

  • A League - TBA - #1-Green Team vs nypd/warriors | [recap]
  • B League - TBA - #3-GN-Bruins vs #1-North Stars | [recap]
  • C League - TBA - #2-Tremblays Pub FDL vs #1-Scorpions | [recap]
  • D League - TBA - #2-Bruisers vs #1-Scouts (game 2) | [recap]
  • E League - #2-Misfits 5, #1-Panthers 2 (game 2) | MVP: Sam Levitan | [recap]
  • 3D League - #1-Mayhem-D 3, #2-Bladerunners 1 | MVP: Ted Forker | [recap]
  • 3E League - #1-Wolverines 7, #2-PLT 1 | MVP: Kevin Reis | [recap]

A League
Championship Game
A4 - TBA - Green Team vs winner-A3
Winner's Bracket
A2 - Breaking Away - Green Team separate in the third with four unanswered, detain NYPD 8-3
A1 - Top Shelf - In a scintillating match, NYPD picks off Warriors 2-1 in OT
Loser's Bracket
A3 - TBA - Warriors vs NYPD
A0 - Rampage - Down three Warriors bolt past Lightning 6-3
B League
Championship Game
B4 - TBA - GN-Bruins vs North Stars
Winner's Bracket
B2 - Stevie Wonder - Drizis' triple carries GN-Bruins over North Stars 6-4
B1 - Don't Blink - GN-Bruins score twice in 15 secs in last minute, stagger MMP 5-4
Loser's Bracket
B3 - Back on Track - North Stars stop MMP 5-4
B0 - Pick Six - Behind a balanced offense, GN-Bruins dispatch Washed Up 7-1
C League
Championship Game
C4 - TBA - Tremblays Pub FDL vs Scorpions
Winner's Bracket
C2 - Hanging On - Tremblays weather Scorpions third period rally 6-5
C1 - Resisting the Force - Tremblays repel Stormtroopers 5-3
Loser's Bracket
C3 - Dentist Chair - Scorpions stonewall Stormtroopers 3-1
C0 - Iron Mike - Leonard denies 41 shots, Stormtroopers stonewall 2ITP 2-1 in OT
D League
Championship Game
D7 - TBA - Bruisers vs Scouts
D6 - Return Serve - With three unaswered 3rd period goals, Scouts rally past Bruisers 4-2
Winner's Bracket
D4 - Finding a Way - Bruisers score three unanswered to nick Scouts 4-3 in OT
D2 - Hats Off - Nikas' trick keys Bruisers win over Queens Finest 5-2
D1 - K Quad - Lopez' four propels Scouts past 2G1P 7-2
Loser's Bracket
D5 - Sweatin' It - Scouts hold off Queens Finest 5-3
D3 - Case Closed - Queens Finest dismiss 2G1P 4-1
Dw2 - Get Shorty - Queens Finest net three on the PK, leash BK-Bulldogs 7-4
Dw1 - Back on Track - 2G1P muffle Bangers 5-3
E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Where There's a Will - Misfits put down Panthers 5-2 to win E title
E6 - Sam I Am - Levitan scores four as Misfits deter Panthers 7-4
Winner's Bracket
E4 - Prevent Defense - Bolstered by their backline, Panthers stymie Misfits 3-2
E2 - Back-n-Forth-n-Back - After four lead changes Misfits prevail 5-3 over Scrappers
E1 - Man Up - Panthers rebuff Chaos 4-3 in OT
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Grindhouse - Misfits slog past Scrappers 3-1
E3 - Barnburner - In a match never more than a goal apart, Scrappers outlast Chaos 6-5 in OT
Ew2 - Metal Fortitude - Scrappers scrape by Morkmen 4-3
Ew1 - Pullin' it Back - Chaos squander three goal lead but recover to down Wolfpack 6-4
3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D4 - Stick a Fork in Them - Mayhem-D bar Bladerunners 3-1 to win 3D championship
Winner's Bracket
3D2 - Squeeze Box - Mayhem-D shackle Bladerunners 5-1
3D1 - Spread Offense - Bladerunners thwart Executioners 8-5
Loser's Bracket
3D3 - George to the Rescue - Woods spearheads late Bladerunners rally over Executioners 8-7 in OT
3D0 - Getting in the Mood - In a spirited match, Executioners bop Stingers 5-3
3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E4 - No Doubt - Wolverines pull away from PLT in the third, claim 3E title 7-1
Winner's Bracket
3E2 - Blank Job - Wolverines whitewash PLT 3-0
3E1 - Close Encounter - PLT edge Team X 3-1
Loser's Bracket
3E3 - Bop n Weave - PLT slip past Team X 2-1
3E0 - Revive Alive - Team X spark late, rally past Rats 4-3 in OT

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