Tue-Jan-19, 2021
no games

Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

Pre-Game Protocol

We remind all players to refrain from entering the ice prior to the Zamboni completely refinishing the ice and leaving the ice surface. Skating on the ice before the Zamboni has finished exposes players to injury and creates an insurance risk.

Spring 2021

We aspire to play in the Spring of 2021. The resumption of league competition relies on New York State granting permission for indoor ice hockey games. As we continue to monitor the state government's stance on hockey competition, we appreciate your patience. We hope all are naviagting the pandemic as best you can and look forward to safely playing again.

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