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Fall 2003 - King of the Island

Championship Round
Game A7 - The King is Dead - Lumberjacks conquer Heineken 7-2 to assume LI's hockey throne
Game A6 - Not Tonight - Heineken force decisive game w/ gutty 6-4 win behind two unanswered 3rd period goals
Winner's Bracket
Game A4 - Perfect No More - Lumberjacks hand Rebels first season with a stifling 2-0 shutout
Game A2 - Lumberjacks chop Heineken 4-1
Game A1 - Rebels trample Bulls 7-3
Loser's Bracket
Game A5 - Here They Come - Team Green tames Rebels 5-3 to rejoin title drive
Game A3 - Same Ole Story - Heineken again puts away Bulls, rallying from down three to persist 6-4
Wildcard Games
Game Aw2 - Heineken survive the Hurricane, eke out 6-5 overtime win
Game Aw1 - Bulls sneak past Raptors 4-3

The King is Dead - Lumberjacks conquer Heineken 7-2 to assume LI's hockey throne

Exploding for 3 goals in 46 seconds with only 6 minutes remaining, the Lumberjacks dethroned three-time, defending A League champion Heineken to become the new King of the Island. The decisive three goal outburst immediately followed a crucial Lumberjack penalty kill. Clinging to a tenuous 2-1 lead, Lumberjacks goalie, Mike Davicino, turned away 4 rabid fire shots at the end of a Heineken powerplay. Off Davicino's heroics the Lumberjacks seized Uncle Mo and blitzkreiged the defending champs with 5 goals to stake their first King crown.

Davicino's stonewall proved the turning point. In what was to be their last gasp, Heineken swarmed during the climatic powerplay. Shortly following the penalty kill, Howard Sandie made a strong rush on a 2-on-2 break-in that occupied both Heineken defensemen. His effort enabled an unattended Chris Arceri to putback a lingering goalmouth rebound that clinched the championship. Frank Arceri then singlehandedly put the game out-of-reach with two goals in the next 46 seconds and completed a natural hat trick 2 1/2 minutes later.

The Lumberjacks controlled much of the action during the first two periods. They came out of the locker room displaying none of the tentativeness that plagued them in the previous championship game. Two quick goals just four minutes into the match forged the lead they would never relinquish. The Lumberjacks' trademark lockdown defense limited Heineken to only 7 shots 25 minutes into the game and the title seemed imminent.

The Lumberjacks, however, allowed Heineken to stick around. They failed to capitalize on several prime scoring chances to stretch the lead and with a sudden strike their lead was halved. Heineken's David Donohue intercepted a careless neutral zone pass and sprang the ever opportunistic Shawn Lindsay on a breakaway that Lindsay potted off the crossbar with 1:06 remaining in the second. The goal breathed renewed life into the defending champs, and they began to display the mettle that defined their championship run. The ice tilted and the Lumberjacks were back on their heels. Heineken's rally ultimately failed to net the tying goal and culminated in their fateful, fruitless third period powerplay.