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Fall 2002 Playoffs

Playoff Preview

With the regular season now complete the second season gets underway. We have posted the master playoff schedule (see 'Schedule'). We also separately provide each draw which summarizes all playoff matches for a division.

The FALL 2001 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be hotly contested in all divisions. Below we provide a preview for the D league draw. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ‘Race for the Cup’.

D League

Another up for grabs division albeit with fewer teams apparently in the mix. Two points separate the big three heading into the playoffs. The COUGARS have to be considered the slight favorite given their head-to-head domination against the other two. While their offensive is susceptible to being shut down they are more than equipped to handle the inevitable playoff nail biting that rears up for the simple fact that they have the best money goaltender in the division. The LI-BRUINS have the most firepower of the three with more offensive options across three lines. They can strike quickly and often. They do, however, have a tendency to lose focus and let their chances slip away. The GRIZZLIES have finally awakened from the two-year championship hangover and appear ready to seize title #2. When motivated, their game becomes tenacious with a never say die fever that can be tough to match. Lurking in the background, the MINUTEMEN are capable of making a run. Having beaten or tied each of the big three they have the wherewithal to stage an upset. Stringing several may prove to be another matter, but they do have a solid man between the pipes who can get hot. The SCORPIONS appear to be overmatched but do not overlook them. Their main offensive weapons never consistently got together and on track during the season. If all are in uniform, the Scorpions can surprise. They too have a strong netminder, one who can steal games by himself.