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Fall 2002 Playoffs

Playoff Preview

With the regular season now complete the second season gets underway. We have posted the master playoff schedule (see 'Schedule'). We also separately provide each draw which summarizes all playoff matches for a division.

The FALL 2001 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be hotly contested in all divisions. Below we provide a preview for the over30 league draw. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ĎRace for the Cupí.

over30 League

Looking at the regular season, this playoff race seems a no-brainer. The BUCS suffered but two in-division losses in securing yet another first place regular season finish.. Displaying their trademark of opportunistic scoring backed by complete team defense the Bucs continue to confound and prosper. They seek their fifth HLI championship in three years. Lurking in the high grass, the SABRES pose a dangerous threat to the Bucsí domination. Possessing the divisionís most potent offense and its strongest goalie, itís hard to believe that the Sabres wonít be heard from. If all team parts are clicking, they can stampede an opponent. The RANGERS, while not as strong and deep offensively, are also capable of dancing the last dance. They are the only team to beat both the Bucs and Sabres and if focused can surprise. The BULLDOGS come in on a roll having won 4 of their last 5. They play hard and can go toe to toe with any opponent. Their question mark is whether they have enough offensive firepower to go the distant. The BLUES can also struggle to find their offensive. After enduring a long in-season slump, they salvaged their season with two impressive victories over the Rangers and Sabres. They pose, perhaps, a more enduring threat that the Bulldogs given their strength in the nets.